Bilete Sur Austru - Lansare album // Terminal Prospect // Urok - 17 nov '19, ora 20:00 - Underground Pub

Sur Austru - Lansare album // Terminal Prospect // Urok

Underground Pub, Iasi

duminică, 17 noiembrie '19, ora 20:00

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


Sur Austru lanseaza primul album, Meteahna Timpurilor, in Iasi, pe 17 Noiembrie, la Underground Club.

"Meteahna Timpurilor" este un album conceptual ce prezinta ciclul si anomaliile anotimpurilor actuale in Transilvania. Prezentam simbioza actuala a frumusetii peisajului autohton care se confrunta cu dezastrele naturale cauzate in mare parte de defrisarea in exces a padurilor, astfel deregland balansul starvechi.. Meteahna Timpurilor se va lansa pe piata mondiala in data de 20 Septembrie la prestigioasa casa de discuri Avantgarde Music din Italia. Albumul va putea fi achizitionat la concert sub forma de CD si 2LP.

Terminal Prospect - Swedish mainstream thrash metal

Terminal Prospect formed in 2008 and has since then produced two full length albums, "Absence of Light" and "Redefine Existence", plus two EP's named "Face the Horror" and "The end of Dogma". Last but not least came "Fall from grace: Live in Römania" which presents the bands raw live appearance on stage!
Back in the studio working on a future release, with the new video "For us all" already released, the band takes a break to play in Romania in November.
Expect melodic thrash, energy and headbanging!

Chronology of Dead Worlds (echoes)

Audio visual performance deeply inspired with dark and experimental nature of sounds.
…the superior freedom of sounds gives us absolute power of expression and shows us unlimited dimensions we can walk to. UROK follows the wilderness of sound and its live form, UROK is just a messenger and implementer of the original echoes from the unknown distances.
The captured and teamed echoes of the eternity UROK carries and offers to those who can feel and receive their magnificence and wisdom, to those who can share weight of these cognitions with us.
Our life, just a blink in the entire order of universal existence is completely filled with sound, created by the sound and sound is what will remain after us in all its deepness and mystique.
UROK is a witness, the one who preaches about the highest forms of existence, existence of everything and entropy as the main force we are permeated with.
UROK does not seek those who will understand, but those who are capable of listening and feeling with their entire being…
Do not expect…continue to listen!


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